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The office is closed for the summer until August 12. During this period, we have limited ability to respond to e-mails and calls and ask you to contact our ticket office Kulturcentralen via e-mail: info@kulturcentralen.nu alt. ph: +46 (0) 40-10 30 20.

The Cultural association

Kulturföreningen Kontrast
Photo: Felicia Korman

Kulturföreningen Kontrast is the non-profit association that has stood behind the Victorian theater since 1982. Then the Cultural Association first took over the film screenings and in 1990 the whole scenic activity.

Do you have questions regarding membership and voluntering?
Contact Lisa Forstenius at lisa@victoria.se.

Bankgiro: 5650-6512 Kulturföreningen Kontrast på Victoriateatern


Patricia Baltatzis

Lisa Forstenius
Cashier and vice chairman

Anders Eklöf

Lisbeth Källström

Eva Hederos

Thomas Larsson

Boel Gidlöf
Anders Abelin

Nominating comittee

Rebecka Erntell och Lena Kastengren

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