The Victoria Theater has an intimate and relaxed atmosphere and we encourage our audience to make themselves feel at home. Almost all of our events are picnic events where our guests are welcome to bring their own food and drink, except during standing concerts (Victoria dansar!). It doesn’t matter what you bring – take-away pizza at one table is followed by oysters and caviar at the next. As long as you enjoy yourself!

If you bring picnic, please arrive when we open the doors so that you have time to unpack and arrange your table before the show. You may eat during the show, but of course we respect both the artist and other visitors by trying to make it as quiet as possible, without rustling and clinking too much.

Don't forget to bring your glasses and cutlery too!

For sale

We have a kiosk in the foyer which is open throughout the show where you can buy hot and cold drinks, sweets and snacks. We accept payments by card, cash and Swish.

Seated on the balcony

Please note that food is not allowed on the balcony, only drinks and snacks. Everything that is sold in the kiosk can also be eaten on the balcony.

Environment and recycling

We strive for sustainability and kindly ask you as a guest to help us in our work for a better environment by tossing and sorting your waste. There are recycle stations i the foyer. Thanks for your help!