Malmö, 3rd of February, 2022

The restrictions will be lifted from the 9th of February, which means that we will be opening up according to plan in March. Our first event takes place on March the 2nd. Please visit our program page for more information.

Changes in the program as a result of the Coronavirus

Here is a complete list of the events that are affected by changes due to the Coronavirus. We will update this list as soon as we have new information and ask for your understanding that the situation can change rapidly. If the event for which you have a ticket is not included in this list, it will, until otherwise announced, be carried out with a reduced number of seats without affecting you as a ticket buyer.

We follow all restrictions and the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations to prevent the spread of infection. When you visit us, you can feel confident that we always do our utmost to ensure that you are safe. We have taken measures and introduced routines to avoid queues and created good conditions for our guests to be able to keep a safe distance from each other.

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Tickets are sold per party and table seating is done on site.
Read more: Tickets in times of Corona

Refunds for canceled/moved events

If you would like a refund for your tickets, notify your claim for reimbursement to Kulturcentralen at Södra Förstadsgatan 18, +46 (0) 40-10 30 20, at the latest one (1) month from the event date / day when the event should have taken place.

More info

  • We closely follow information and advice from the authorities and the situation may change rapidly.
  • Read more about the virus outbreak and how to protect yourself and your community: The Public Health Agency of Sweden >>