As a result of the pandemic situation that prevails with the spread of covid-19, the Victoria Theater is facing an uncertain future. Culture is an industry that, even before the spread of the virus, has been characterized by small financial margins and low incomes. We currently don't know what this situation will mean for our business or how long it will last, but something that is quite certain is that it will not be easy, neither for society at large nor for us as a culture venue and culture workers; with everything it entails with the loss of ticket revenue, reduced audience numbers and personal losses. We will do everything we can to get through this difficult time, but we will need your support.

What can I do to support?

Donate your ticket We appeal to you who purchased a ticket to one of the concerts that have been canceled, that if you have the possibility, not to claim back the money for the ticket. If you do not make a claim within one (1) month from the day the event should have taken place, you will automatically donate the entire sum.

Donate through Swish 123 374 91 73 – mark your payment ”covid19"

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Sponsor our grand piano Click here to read more about how to become a sponsor >>

Big thanks for your contribution!