Opal Ocean(NZ/FR)

Foto: Open Shutter Media
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Nuevo Flamenco Rumba - or maybe Acoustic Progressive Flamenco Metal? Born in the streets of Melbourne this unbelievable duo got fame pretty quickly through their videos of their streetsessions getting viral worldwide!

Tours in Australia, Europa and America followed and than cam the LOCK DOWN. But they used it wisely to produce the new album "The Hadal Zone" (with a feature of Jordan Rudess - Dreamtheater), which we released together in late 2020!

After a nice Summertour 2023 they just released their first Livealbum and will be back on European Stages for their first Clubtour in the beginning of 2024!

The "soundwall" of acoustic guitar duo OPAL OCEAN beamed at us on the first listening, definitely in Hispanic realms. Whether it's really Spanish or Latin American, we have not been able to sort out through the thunderstorm of incredible fast percussive rhythms and virtuoso guitar melodies, as we notice all of a sudden that our heads are nodding as if we are listening to Motorhead's new album - eh? But yes, simply because what we hear, clearly rocks! And wait - are we still talking about just 2 acoustic guitars here? Yes, indeed with well-equipped pedalboards, but yes, this is an acoustic guitar duo; without samplemachines!

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More about the artist