- Lovisa Samuelsson Quartet, Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, Johanna Borchert, Johanna Elina Sulkunen

Lux Boreal - Nordic Music Festival

Foto: Fr. v. Per Kristiansen, Colin Eick, Frank Schemmann, Julie Montauk
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Lux Boreal is a traveling festival that moves through Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, presenting 4 ensembles from 4 Nordic countries. It is a celebration of the independent music scene of our region, featuring composers and performers that are playfully shaping their own musical language by creating pathways between pop, jazz, contemporary classical, and electronic music. These concerts will incite your curiosity, pulling you through a sonic adventure that is disarmingly beautiful.

Please note that the festival spans over two days and that there are individual tickets for each day.

Tuesday 9th of May



Lovisa Samuelsson is an artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2007 she released the EP Oslo and has since then been active on the Scandinavian music scene. In 2014 she released the debut album Main Magma Chamber and her second full length album STAD / DIS in 2020. She has been performing her own music in Europe, Central and North America, but also tours in Sweden and Europe with artists like Ane Brun, Jonathan Johansson, Loney Dear, Tomas Andersson Wij, Mauro Scocco, Sarah Dawn Finer among others. She has composed music for both theater and film. Lovisa Samuelsson is the founder of PACAYA records, a Gothenburg based independent feminist record label owned and run by the artists. Lovisa Samuelsson will be performing music from her latest album STAD/DIS which was selected as one of the top ten albums of the year by Kulturredaktionen, Sveriges Radio P1

On stage:
Lovisa Samuelsson - cello, guitar, piano, vocals
Per Norin - keys, vocals
Felisia Westberg - bass, vocals
Anna Lund - drums, vocals



Christian Wallumrød is considered to be one of Norway's most prominent musicians and composers on the contemporary music scene, and the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble (CWE) is one of his main projects. Wallumrød's long-standing collaboration with producer Manfred Eicher has resulted in 5 albums with CWE on ECM Records. The ensemble has also released the records Kurzsam and Fulger (2016) and Many (2020) on Hubro Music. All albums have been met with great enthusiasm among critics and audiences around the world, and several of them have also ended up on various best-of-the-year lists in national and international media. Together with the ensemble, Wallumrød has developed his idiosyncratic chamber music over a 20-year period, and with various line-ups.

Since 2014, CWE has consisted of these musicians:
Espen Reinertsen – saxophone, recorder, electronics
Eivind Lønning – trumpet, electronics
Tove Törngren Brun – cello, electronics
Per Oddvar Johansen – drums, vibraphone, electronics
Christian Wallumrød – piano, harmonium, electronics 

Wednesday 10th of May



Since her first song album FM Biography, both jazz and pop audiences have been deeply impressed by Johanna Borchert. German public radio station BR5 declared the record a "masterpiece of quiet tones" and the Süddeutsche Zeitung heard "a new cosmos of sound full of harmoniously balanced contrasts". Many journalists drew comparisons to Laurie Anderson and Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos and Björk as well as to the later work of Kate Bush. Now the multi-award-winning song poet, singer and pianist has released the powerful new album Amniotic, which again positions itself between genres. At the center of the songs and improvisations is her refined playing on the grand piano, rooted in jazz and classical music, with her dynamic, charismatic voice.The songs of Amniotic are intense, sonically revolving around the theme of the development of life before, during and immediately after birth.

On stage:
Johanna Borchert - piano and vocals
Simon Toldam - keyboards
Peter Bruun - drums



Johanna Sulkunen is a Finnish experimental vocalist, composer and improviser based in Copenhagen. She has released two critically acclaimed solo albums as Johanna Elina and is a part of the award winning vocal ensemble IKI. In 2018 she launched the experimental solo project Sonority, and ever since the symbiosis of vocals and electronics have been in the center of her career.

She is a frequent collaborator with other artists as well and has performed with iconic jazz & improv musicians such as Tomasz Stanko, Axel Dörner, Koichi Makigami and many others. Likewise she has worked with various interdisciplinary projects, collaborating with dancers, poets and filmmakers. Originally labelled as an exciting voice on the alternative jazz scene, Sulkunen has expanded her range of work to span everything from jazz and alternative pop to free improvisation, electronic music and avant-garde.

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Tuesday 9 May ( Additional dates: )

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200 kr by table
160 kr on balcony

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