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JonZ is an optimistic and intimate duo from Israel, created during the musical journey of Jenia Vasilenko and Yoav Or in an isolated house on the Zamarin mountainside. Driven by the desire to integrate art and the passion to absorb and experience different cultures and sounds, JonZ weave powerful yet gentle folk songs within a unique electronic soundscape.

Note! The concert has been canceled

The concert has unfortunately been canceled due to the corona virus. Information on how to proceed if you want a refund can be found below, but please take a minute and read the paragraph on how you can support us before you decide what to do. Thanks ❤️

Support Victoria theater

As a result of the pandemic situation that prevails with the spread of the new coronavirus and the covid-19 disease, the Victoria theater is facing an uncertain future. Culture is an industry that, even before the spread of the virus, has been characterized by small financial margins and low incomes. We currently don't know what this situation will mean for our business or how long it will last, but something that is quite certain is that it will not be easy, neither for society at large nor for us as a culture scene and culture workers; with everything it entails with the loss of ticket revenue, reduced audience numbers and personal losses.

We will do everything we can to get through this difficult time, but we need your help. Firstly, we appeal to you who purchased a ticket to one of the concerts that have been canceled, that if you have the possibility, not to claim back the money for the tickets or consider making a donation to us via Swish: 123 374 91 73. Mark your payment ”covid19 ", all contributions are welcome.

Big thanks for your contribution and take care of you and our community!


If you would like a refund for your tickets, notify your claim for reimbursement to Kulturcentralen at Södra Förstadsgatan 18, +46 (0) 40-10 30 20, at the latest one (1) month from the event date / day when the event should have taken place.

Information concering Corona

 For more information about the Victoria theater and changes in our program due to the current situation visit the page: Information concering Corona >


Their dynamic approach manifests as an eclectic language that accepts anyone willing to participate. This inclusive outlook and their ability to build a home wherever they are form the essence of the band.
JonZ have performed in major festivals in Europe - Colours of Ostrava, Fusion, Rudolstadt, 300grad, Greenland, I love Palanga, as well as in Israel - inDnegev, Yearot Mensahe, Meteor, Nataraj.
Their 2018 debut album “Solid Wind” was recorded and produced by Ori Winokur.
During 2019 they performed at SXSW in Austin Texas before embarking on a yearly grand European tour through Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany.

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Tuesday 29 September

Admission19:00 On stage19:30


100 kr by table
100 kr on balcony

Student / Senior

50 kr by table
50 kr on balcony

Due to the situation with covid-19, we have chosen to release fewer seats for our events during the autumn of 2020. This is to allow for more space between tables and rows, both in the salon and on the balcony. These seats may be released at a later date depending on how the situation develops and guidelines from the Public Health Authorities. Tables 1, 6, 7, 13, 19, 20, 25, 26, 31, 37, and row 2 and 4 on the balcony are currently not available for booking.

Picnic theater

This is a picnic event, or as we like to call is: Picnic theater. That means that you may bring your own food and drinks to the event.

It doesn’t matter what you bring – take-away pizza at one table is followed by oysters and caviar at the next. Bring what you feel like, and don't forget to bring glasses and cuttlery!

Please note that you may not bring food if you have tickets for the balcony, only drinks and snacks.

Read more: What is Picnic theater?

Upptäck Victoria!

Sorry! This information is yeat to be translated.

Denna konsert ingår i vår konsertserie Upptäck Victoria! där du några gånger per säsong, för en liten peng, kan höra spännande musik av hög kvalité i genrer som du kanske aldrig lyssnat på, med artister som du kanske aldrig hört talas om – låt dig överraskas!

Har du eller någon du känner aldrig varit hos oss så är detta ett ypperligt tillfälle!

Läs mer: Vad är Upptäck Victoria!?

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