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The evolution of Piazzolla's music, virtuosic and fantastic. Acclaimed on the world's most glorious stages as the Tango Nuevo of Buenos Aires, Astillero reflects the passion, the rebellion and the anger of a city that has recently been hit hard. Astillero's sound can be described as energetic, soaring, breathtaking, and it can be described as raw and polished at the same time: a roller coaster ride of pulsatingly accentuated rhythms, which sometimes end in a highly intense pianissimo.

Out of Argentina's crisis in 2001 emerged a music so extraordinarily beautiful, sensual and at the same time so irrepressible that it was described by the English broadcaster BBC as "a continuation of Piazzolla's music, absolutely virtuosic, insane and fantastic".

Founded in Buenos Aires in 2005, Astillero has a clear goal: to give tango a place in contemporary culture and to give it a whole new contemporary expression. Even if the Astilleros line-up includes the instruments of the typical traditional tango ensembles – two bandoneons, violin, piano, cello, double bass – this formation does not have much in common with what we usually understand by "tango".

And all this is handmade, without technical tricks and gimmicks, 100 percent acoustic. The sound of wood and strings alone creates an intense musical image of city life in the 21st century.

Line up:
Alex Musatov – violin
Jaqueline Oroc – cello
Mariano Gonzalez Calo – bandoneon
Diego Maniowicz – bandoneon
Fererico Maiocchi – double bass
Julian Peralta – piano

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More about the artist