Kaisa's Machine(FIN/US)

Foto: Oskari Joutsen
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Nordic noir meets New York sparkle. Kaisa's Machine pictures Mäensivu's vision of music in the form of her compositions. The music aims to be relatable in its pureness - sometimes it's bouncy and groovy, celebrating with you, other times making you ponder all the mysteries and tragedies of life on our planet. Playing bass is Mäensivu's way of dealing with it all.

Mäensivu formed her ensemble Kaisa’s Machine in 2015 and made her debut with the group in 2017 on the tight-knit, imaginative In the Key of K. Since then she has moved to NYC and created an international career. And though she brought new players into her orbit, she kept the Kaisa’s Machine name, landing on Dave Douglas’ prestigious Greenleaf Music label for the follow-up release Taking Shape, her first album as a New Yorker.

Mäensivu’s writing is richly emotive and demanding, though her playing is just as deep and frequently in the foreground: her fullness of tone and attack is immediately evident. All through her music there’s a sense of story, a sonic richness and surprise.

“This album represents a new, progressive and hard-hitting direction in my music that is a reflection of New York,” says Mäensivu. “I was more of a straightahead bassist when I moved here, but the city has changed me as a player and composer. I feel like this music captures the magic of New York, where the atmosphere is open to new things.”

“Strong, highly musical bass presence” — London Jazz News “A Band of young aces” — NYTimes

”The group around her is responsive and tough minded, but they know who’s boss. This is a debut record of a sort, but only in the sense that all great creative records are debuts. There will be much more to come. - Downbeat

On stage:
Kaisa Mäensivu - double bass
Max Zenger - sax
Eden Ladin - piano
Joe Peri - drums

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More about the artist