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Iva Nova(RUS)

Foto: Andrey Kezzyn
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The exceptional female band from Saint Petersburg create emotive Slavic Folk and icy Northern Sounds, mixed up with Avantgarde Punk and Futuristic Madness!

The four ladies of Iva Nova are inspired by Slavic folk music, but they give their music also a very personal touch. A rather wild touch, we might add. Don't expect traditional Russian folk, these ladies rock a little too hard for that. Their sonic expression is girlish and playful, yet feminine and proud. And if the accordion player picks up her accordion, she makes you dream of the Russian soul. But when Iva Nova start organ, effects and reverb, they bring you right back to the big city and its exciting urban feeling.

The band was formed in 2002 in St. Petersburg, and traveled to Western Europe for the first time in 2004, after the release of their debut album. Ever since, they've been touring extensively, playing in numerous clubs and festivals in many countries. Besides lyrics in Russian Iva Nova have songs in Ukrainian, Bulgarian or Georgian language. Along with exploiting endless folklore resources they creatively experiment with many other styles.

The amazing live show of Iva Nova is a colourful mix of lyrical songs and energetic punk dances – that’s pure musical anarchy! In September 2018 Iva Nova published their latest album "Uba Hoba“

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More about the artist